Imamzadeh Tomb (Goy Imam)

Imamzadeh Tomb       Imamzadeh Tomb, (Goy Imam) is a medieval architectonic monument, situated on the north of ancient Ganja (7 km away from the modern city). The inscription on the tomb says that the tomb says that the tomb was built on the grave of Ibrahim son of Imam Mahammad Bagir (?-739) and was reconstructed by general-mayor Israfil bek Yadigarzadeh (1878-79).
     There is a religious complex, consisting of small mosques, rests, houses in the form of carvansaray, arches and auxiliary buildings around the brick built tomb. A wall of stones and bricks is erected around the complex.
70-ci illarda
     The most valuable monument of the complex is the tomb. The exact date of building is still yet unknown. According to the architectonic structure the tomb is believed to be build at the end of XIVth-beginning of XVth century: the surrounding complex- XVIIth century. The height of the tomb is 12 m, the height of cupola-2,7 m, with diameter 4,4 m.

     The cupola is covered with blue tile (Goy Imam Blue Imam). As in Barda Imamzadeh and Nakhichevan Imamzadeh, no altar is built in the Imamzadeh tomb . There is a similarity in architectonic styles between Imamzadeh tomb,Barda tomb and Akhsadanbaba tomb.

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