Israfil Mammadov Israfil Mammadov

      Israfil Magerram ogli Mammadov was born May, 30-th, 1919.
      In 1939 Israfil was called up for military service. An autumn of the same year he became soldier of the military part which are taking place in northwest of Russia in known city of Novgorod. On military preparations he differed the desire and interest to various kinds of engineering, received excellent estimations, paid special attention of a military history, studied technical subjects and improved knowledge, reading it is a lot of books.
Israfil Mammadov and Samad Vurgun
      Getting used to military life, he studied even better and, surprised with the readiness of comrades and commanders. In 1941 year Israfil was sended to study in school of younger commanders.Israfil with interest listens to military subjects and reads many books. After the successful finishing of a six-monthly rate, Israfil in a rank of the senior sergeant send in the military part which is taking place near to Novgorod, and therefrom - in a battalion on northwest of city.
Tomb of I.Mammadov       About military successes of northwest front where is at war Israfil Mammadov, victorious news in a seal, mass media were written. Israfil Mammadov has lead already some military operations, became known at the front northwest.
      In one of winter evenings, fascists again have begun attack on a site defended by command of Israfil Mammadov. After nine-hour battle they have rejected fascists on 200 meters. Having seen futility of attempts of break on this site the angry enemy begins continuous lasting many hours shelling positions of this command. The ambassador artillery preparation, having assumed, that forces of the opponent are weakened fascists dare to proceed in new attack . Having solved strategy of the enemy, I.Mammadov has ordered to the soldiers to not open fire. Having given the enemy to come nearer on 10-15 meters, he has ordered to open fire.
      Hitlerites already in fifth time went over to the offensive. Half team of Israfil was broken, an ammunition came to an end. In this intense and drama situation bravery and I.Mammadov's boldness has solved all end of an opposition.
With family
     I.Mammadov with 20 soldiers during 10 hours battled to two battalions of the opponent, has interrupted more than 300 fascists. I. Mammadov has killed about 70 soldier and 3 officers.
      For this bravery the Executive Committee of a Supreme Soviet of the USSR the Decree from December, 11 of 1941 year has awarded with I.Mammadov with a medal of the Hero of Soviet Union.

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