Juma mosque

       Azerbaijan architectonic monument. It was built in 1606 by scientist and architect Sheikh Bahaddin. People call it the mosque of Shakh Abbas. The monument, built of burn't red bricks, consists of the mosque and two minarets in front of it (the form of the minarets has changed after repair works in XIXth century). The mosque had a madrasa which was demolished in the middle of XXth century.The cube-form mosque is covered with a large diameter cupola (17 m), which was too big for it's epoch.
     The large volume arched steps which open outwards and the whole construction attracts our attention for it's architectonoc decisions. The area of the prayers saloon and the height of the vaults mark the mosque out. The wooden shabaka of the pulpit have carved ornament and represent unique example of shabaka craft.
     In The madrasa of the mosque was the place, where M.Sh.Vaseh for along time teached calligrathy and also teached M.F.Akhundov a nastalig writing. A branch of Azerbaijan State Arts Museum has functioned in this mosque since 1967.

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